Issue 97

August 2005



  • In Praise of Ecosystems

    Innovation doesn't occur in a vacuum — which is why Apple's iPod will eventually be eclipsed by rivals that can cooperate and compete together.

  • Slave Wages

    From a report released June 1 by Wachovia Corp., researched by the History Factory, on transactions of the bank and its predecessor companies related to slavery.

  • If the Shoe Fits...

    Olly Shoes' high-tech approach to shoe fitting is replacing a system that hasn't changed in 80 years. Your kids will love it, too.

  • Class Acts

    Each spring, corporate America's preeminent chieftains offer sage counsel to eager university graduates across the nation. Here's our Class of 2005.

  • Look! No hands!

    Parrot's Easydrive helps you keep your attention on the road — while you're on the phone.

  • The Ethics Monitor

    Thinking of swiping that Swingline? You're not the only one, as our latest ethics survey reveals.

  • Business Blogging for Beginners

    Creating a business blog is a lot like hosting a cocktail party: You're networking with customers in a low-pressure setting and, at best, nurturing great relationships. How to make your company's blog the talk of the town? We asked experts Elizabeth Albrycht of Blogging Planet and Andy Lark of the Lark Group for the lowdown on blogging style and etiquette.

  • Brand Aids

    The always-slippery topic of branding becomes more so on the Web, where "brand" bloggers typically spill the most ink on, well, blogging. We found three that offer on-target insights.

  • Chinks in the Armor

    Even the most-admired businesses have a few flaws. And they should want to get better, right? So we've helpfully identified "opportunities for improvement," as they say on performance evaluations, at companies otherwise celebrated for great customer experiences. Here's how they're fixing the problems — or not.

  • Who's Zooming You?

    You're out there. On the Web, there are dozens, perhaps hundreds of references to you — in company newsletters, college alumni notes, and friends' blogs. (As a tech writer, I'm especially promiscuous: Googling my name turns up 10,700 results.) So how can you monitor and manage your online reputation?

  • Datebook

    Critical calendar listings for August 2005.

  • Invaluable

    You know those corporate values statements? Turns out they have weird correlations to performance.

From the Editor

  • Fast Company's New Dawn

    We could not have conjured up a better angel. Fast Company is a magazine about innovation and entrepreneurship. It should be owned by an innovative entrepreneur. Joe is a visionary who founded his mutual-fund ratings and research concern in a one-bedroom apartment with $80,000 in personal savings. He is a five-time Inc. 500 winner, and a Fast Company idealist and maverick.

More In This Issue…

  • Slow Is the New Fast

    With our November issue, Fast Company will celebrate 10 years of publication. Each month until then, we'll review one of our favorite editions from the first decade.