Issue 78

January 2004


Fast Talk

  • Fast Talk: Hail, global citizens!

    Business has become the most powerful institution on the planet. Given that, we wonder: What are its responsibilities to the rest of the world? And how do companies act on those responsibilities?

From the Editor

  • A Visionary and His Limits

    Like many of our readers, I am an unabashed Steve Jobs fan. The cofounder of Apple Computer is not only a seminal figure in business but also a visionary, a dreamer, and one of the world's great product innovators. And I am a direct beneficiary of his genius. At home, I work and play on one of the best-designed computers ever made: an iMac. At work, I write and edit on an Apple PowerBook and use one of Jobs's flat-panel cinema screens as a monitor. In between, I'm plugged into an iPod, listening to Coldplay, Martin Sexton, and Frank Sinatra.

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