Issue 70

May 2003


  • Stuff of the Month

    Web sites, two books, a no-nonsense bag, and Randall Rothenberg's take on Madison Avenue's Ad of the Month.

  • Speedometer

    This month, FC throws some statistical curveballs on the business of baseball: from the numbers behind its class system to the card that boasts a $1.27 million price tag.

Fast Talk

  • Fast Talk: Hard Drive

    Where is the auto business going? Voices from the world's most important industry discuss the future of designing, selling, marketing, and manufacturing cars.

From the Editor

  • Welcome to the New Normal

    What does it take to play and win in the current business environment? Five years ago, when the new economy was in full force, winning was all about thinking fast and taking risks. Three years ago, when the recession hit, winning was all about adapting fast and finding profits. Today, the game has changed yet again, but we're still facing the same question: How do you play and win in the New Normal?

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