Issue 69

April 2003


  • Stuff of the Month

    Book | Memo to CEOs: It Is All About You

    Michael Maccoby's new book, The Productive Narcissist: The Promise and Peril of Visionary Leadership (Broadway Books), is either a case of really bad timing or a prescient manifesto packed with counterintuitive insight. At a time when the backlash against larger-than-life celebrity CEOs is in full swing, Maccoby's argument is that we need these charismatic visionaries more than ever. It's time for a new theory of leadership, he says.

Fast Talk

From the Editor

  • Do You Know How to Grow?

    Recessions can persist due to any of a variety of causes: the bursting of an overinflated economic bubble, overinvestment and business speculations that lead to a crash, criminal behavior that sours people's faith in the economy, the cloud of war and uncertainty that puts everything on hold — or, as is the case today, all of the above. But recoveries all begin from the same simple premise: growth. If the past 25 years have taught us anything, it is this one lesson: You cannot cut, outsource, or downsize your way to economic success; you have to grow.

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