Issue 67

February 2003


  • Strong Medicine

    It's time to face the harsh facts of life: This is the way it is. Now choose one of these four strategies for getting on with your work life.

  • In the hot seat

    Who: Gary LovemanTitle: CEO, Harrah's Entertainment Inc.Where: Las Vegas, NevadaChallenge: Come up aces on Harrah's consumer retail strategy

  • Get a Free Copy of Purple Cow...

    Get a Free Copy of Purple Cow...

    Come back on Wednesday afternoon, January 15, and vote for your favorite marketing innovation. You'll then receive a free copy of Seth Godin's new book!

  • GM Goes Off-Road

    Creating Hummer meant breaking the old rules — and putting together a new team.

  • Marketing Plan for a Marketing Book

    Loyal readers will remember that I used permission marketing techniques to market my book Permission Marketing. If you wrote to: (it still works), you get the first four chapters of the book for free. I ended up with an astonishing 150,000 plus requests, and it made the book successful.

  • Thank You

    Thank you for ordering your free copy of Seth Godin's new book, Purple Cow. An email has been sent to you confirming your information. We will contact you via email early in March when we begin shipping the books. At that time, you'll be required to visit our site again to provide shipping payment information.

  • The Past, Present, and Future of Hewlett-Packard

    George Ander's inside account of Carly Fiorina and the reinvention of Hewlett-Packard is the most recent in a collection of essays, articles, and interviews that draw on the extraordinary history and imposing challenges at one of America's greatest corporations. Read through the following resources on one of the most dramatic transformation stories of our time.

Fast Talk


  • Can Business Escape the Price Vice?

    Wall Street is a gigantic promotion machine, always exhorting the greater fool to buy some paper at a slightly higher price. Now, after a grim two years during which the reputations of virtually all of the major investment houses and financial-services supermarkets were diminished, if not seriously damaged, the great machine is kicking back into gear.

  • How Do Leaders Deal With Loss?

    Adman extraordinaire Jay Chiat once proudly told me his secret for getting people to take his calls. "I call the person's secretary and say, 'Tell X it's his doctor, and I have the results of his tests.' X rushes to the phone; it never fails," he said. Ten years later, he got one of those calls himself, except it wasn't a hoax. It was news of his own cancer. What's the worst call a person in power, at the top of his game, can get? "Hello, I have the results of your tests, and you have a brain tumor."

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