Issue 55

February 2002

  • If you want to fix your future, start by fixing yourself. In the face of war and recession, what the business world needs is less greed — and more love. So says Yahoo senior executive Tim Sanders, who argues that now more than ever, the road to prosperity is paved with a commitment to generosity.

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  • Planned Parenthood's 25-Year Plan

    When Gloria Feldt rose to the top of the high-profile organization, she knew it was time for a change — and a plan. She also knew that the best plans come from the bottom up.

  • The Sweet Taste of Success

    Since 1983, San Francisco-based Schmidt and his team of chocolatiers have created and hand-painted millions of works of edible art.

  • Are You on the Bus?

    Eric Saperston set out on a journey with the Grateful Dead — and wound up on a ''Journey'' fueled by advice from CEOs, actors, and a former president. Our advice? See the movie.

  • Images of the Future

    Leonardo Chiariglione is the brains behind MPEG — and he's about to make metadata the next leap forward.

  • Built Brave

    How will terror and its aftermath reshape the design of office buildings? The new federal center in Oklahoma City offers some surprising (and surprisingly hopeful) answers.

  • What Is Courage?

    William Ian Miller wrote the book on courage — literally — and even he calls it a mystery.

  • Think Lean

    If you want to change how your company works, then change how your people think. According to the creators of a five-day mental boot camp located in the heartland of the automobile business, the first thing to think about is how to get lean.

  • True or False: You're Hiring the Right People

    If you answered "False," you may need Unicru's smart-assessment program — a fast-paced, real-time screening system that quickens your hiring process, improves your hit ratio, and boosts your employee-retention rate. And that's the truth.

  • The (Life) Science of War

    Sun Tzu wrote "The Art of War." Now the threat of smallpox and other forms of bioterrorism has unleashed the next generation of conflict. Welcome to the science of war.

  • Money Therapy 101

    So you've got money issues? Is the relationship just not working out? It's time for some counseling from the money shrink, Pamela York Klainer. Can money ever buy happiness? Only if you can learn how to talk about it with honesty and clarity. (That's all the time we have. We'll take this up next session.)

  • What Is Security?

    And who provides it? According to BENS — Business Executives for National Security — national security is everybody's business.

Fast Talk

  • Fast Talk: Smarter Moves for Tougher Times

    A roundtable of seasoned business leaders assembled in Dallas to come up with short-term tactics for surviving the downturn and long-term strategies for winning in the future.

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