Issue 54

January 2002


  • Provocation 101

    Larry Weber is trying to provoke you. He wants to take your tired cliché-ridden definition of leadership and turn it upside down. Here?s a look at the leader of today: the provocateur.

  • The Hard Truth About New York

    You can listen to the boosters talk about the rebuilding of the Twin Towers. Or you can face the truth: New York is in danger of tipping over.

  • After Shock

    According to philosopher and business consultant Peter Koestenbaum, the "shock of death" can teach us the secrets of leading a successful life — if we have the courage to learn.

  • 7 Lessons From WaMu's Playbook

    Mergers and acquisitions are, once again, shaking up all kinds of industries. The big question: How do you do them right? Here's the playbook according to Washington Mutual, one of the best in the business.

  • Scared Straight

    Worrying about the right threat makes you smart. Worrying about the wrong threats leaves you vulnerable. Security expert Robert Oatman wants to keep you scared straight.

  • He Builds Company Towns

    Barry Ludwig designs cutting-edge office parks. What he tries to create is a sense of community and connection — which means looking to ancient cities for design principles.

  • Curb Your Enthusiasm

    Harley-Davidson customers love their bikes — to the point where they scare off potential customers. Here's how Harley is expanding its audience without alienating its hard-core fans.

  • The Real Biohazards

    We do face bioterrorism — but the three threats we face aren't anthrax, smallpox, and pneumonic plague.

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