Issue 178

September 2013


  • Want To Design The Perfect Watch? Kickstarter Has The Answers

    The watch industry may be troubled—sales have fallen every year since 2006—but on Kickstarter innovative watches rule, netting at least $15 million. (One called the CST-01 goes out this month; billed as the world's thinnest personal timepiece, it raised $1 million.) Listen up, traditionalists: Crowdfunding winners have important secrets.

  • Quiz! Which Future Thinker Had Which Future Thought?

    So asks the Lisbon Architecture Triennale, opening this month, whose exhibit Future Perfect features the visions of many different types of thinkers. Try matching the futuristic prediction with its maker.


    1. Biologist 2. Artist 3. Science-fiction author 4. Material designer

  • London Bridge Is Getting a New Slogan

    "What's in a name?" wrote a guy who once lived in London. Today, he'd ask, What's in a brand? The city is about to debut new branding as part of a tourism campaign for London Bridge. In advance of the unveiling, we turned their project into a lesson in sloganeering: First we asked readers to come up with taglines for the bridge*, and then three experts each picked a winner.

  • What Makes a Great Tumblr a Great Book?

    When Yahoo bought Tumblr this summer, it further signaled a move into digital content. But it may want to consider print as well: At least 70 books have been spun off of Tumblrs, according to founder David Karp, and more surely will follow. Four Tumblr turned book insiders explain what makes a winner:

  • Spin Of The Month: PayPal


    86% of Americans "wish they could leave [their wallets] at home."*


    A PayPal survey that asked, "Which of the following places, if any, do you wish you didn't have to bring your wallet?" and then listed locations such as a beach, gym, concert, and bar.

  • SNL Has Made Lorne Michaels (And Many Others) Very Rich

    Yahoo wants content. Further evidence: It paid a reported $10 million–plus for the rights to Saturday Night Live’s archive, effec­tive September 1. The deal is a harbinger of TV’s online future and a reminder that on-air longevity can make many companies very happy.


    ♥ Production/management ☀ Syndication ★ Compilation dvd ♦ Online rights

  • Four Entrepreneurs on Overcoming Fear

    Entrepreneurs have their own ways of pushing forward, but a new study finds that a steely will changes over time—in ways that are different for men and women. Four founders at different stages of their careers tell us how they have tackled fear.

    Fear of failure among people exploring entrepreneurship:


    Male: 37.3% Female: 28.3%

  • The History of Edible Tableware

    Drink your drink, then eat the cup: It comes in five flavors, including spicy pepper. It's Loliware, the new work of New York design studio The Way We See the World. Join an edible-tableware tradition that dates to at least the plantain-leaf plates of 8000 BC. A brief, more modern history of edible tableware's business value:



Fast Talk


From the Editor

  • Catching The Wave

    I couldn’t believe the hall wasn’t standing room only. But I probably shouldn’t have been surprised. I was at the Cannes Lions International Advertising festival, and in an auditorium next door, Anderson Cooper was having an onstage dis­cussion with Conan O’Brien. That session was packed.

    Meanwhile, in my forum, a little-known Chinese executive named S.Y. Lau was speaking. Who cared about him? He doesn’t have his own TV show, and isn’t likely to ever get one.