Issue 174

April 2013




  • Giro's New Road Line Brings Racing Tech To Commuter Clothes

    For 20 years, the Giro logo was most famously seen emblazoned across professional racers' helmets. Now Giro is going civilian with New Road apparel, a line of high-end sports gear disguised as commuter garb. "There was nothing with both off-the-bike looks and Tour de France-level performance quality," says Alex Valdman, Giro's design director.

  • Nike, New Balance, And More Bring Barefoot Running To Their Soles

    At first, the barefoot running movement seemed to threaten shoe companies. If runners believed cushions could induce injuries—by throwing off our feet's natural balance—how can that be monetized? The answer: cleverly. Vibram did it in 2005 with its toe-hugging FiveFingers shoes; others followed. The latest from industry heavyweights and smart upstarts take many forms.

  • How NewDealDesign Helped Plair Pair Your iPhone With Your TV

    Plair tackles a familiar problem: You've got a video clip on your phone that you're dying to show to a group of friends, but all you have is a 4-inch screen. To save everybody's necks, Plair enlisted NewDealDesign (NDD) to craft a portable gadget that can beam media from a smartphone to any TV.

Fast Talk



From the Editor

  • From The Editor: The Answer Is Yes

    Ari Emanuel is perhaps the most powerful single figure in Hollywood. Known for his blunt candor, the co-CEO of talent agency William Morris Endeavor (immortalized by the character Ari Gold in HBO's Entourage) insists that the traditional media business is still great, spectacular even. "Are you asking if we like money?" he shoots back at one point, during a conversation alongside co-CEO Patrick Whitesell. "Is that the question? Are you in Hollywood?"