Issue 161

December 2011/January 2012




Fast Talk


  • Patton Oswalt Rips On KFC In New Comedy Album

    In the realm of popular culture, Fast Company shares its name with a forgettable 2007 Eagles song and a 1953 horse-racing movie. But to the best of our knowledge, our first actual appearance came this fall on Patton Oswalt's comedy album Finest Hour.


  • Which Startups Will Rule 2012?

    Venture capitalists, corporations, private-equity firms, and more poured billions into private companies this year—a huge boon for titans like Facebook and Groupon. Here, the best of the rest starting 2012 with supersize bankrolls.

From the Editor

  • From The Editor: The Creative Economy

    There are two economies at work in the United States right now. One is traditional, entrenched, powerful, and often highly profitable. These businesses account for a lot of revenue, and a lot of jobs, but they're not changing much—at least not for the better.