Issue 157

July/August 2011


  • Typecon

    Here's some typeface trivia to keep in mind to celebrate this year's TypeCon.

  • MTV's 30th Anniversary

    Since MTV's 30th anniversary is likely to pass like its 25th, which barely earned an on-air nod, we've traced the brand from its colicky infancy through its earnest preteen years and wayward adolescence to its present.

  • Lollapalooza

    After struggling in the late '90s as bands lost interest in festivals, Lolla's now stronger than ever thanks to a sturdy partnership with the city's park district.

  • Device Design Day

    Forget glassy touch screens — the next big thing in human-machine interaction is tactile interfaces.

  • Friendship Day

    Corporate partnerships come and go — unless you go into business with your best friend. To celebrate Friendship Day, we've rounded up our favorite (and most lucrative) friendships.

  • D23 Expo

    Think Comic-Con, but replace the superheroes with princesses.

  • Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference

    Nearly nine months after the launch of its mobile operating system, Windows Phone 7, Microsoft faces a steep uphill slog in the app race against Google and Apple.

  • Buddhist Geeks: The Conference

    Fifteen years after Steve Jobs first extolled the beauty of a beginner's ability to think without preconceptions, the business world is more enamored than ever with ancient Eastern principles.



Fast Talk


  • Moving On

    A recent flurry of high-profile departures leaves uncertainty hanging over three companies and their former execs.


From the Editor

  • Operating Out On The Edge

    What's the most overrated trend in business today? That's the question we asked 500 executives registered for Fast Company's Innovation Uncensored event in New York in April.