Issue 152

February 2011


  • Orbit: NASA's Space-Shuttle Program Ends

    Unless the new Congress approves an appropriations bill sending hundreds of millions of dollars to NASA, the space agency will launch its final space-shuttle mission on February 27, at 3:35 p.m., give or take 10 minutes. As the $115 billion reusable-orbital program retires, we look back at six notable missions from its 30-year history.

  • Cher vs. Celine: A Diva-Off by The Numbers

    Spinning disco balls make way for flying aerialists as Cher leaves her Las Vegas show at Caesars Palace this month and passes the torch to Celine Dion, who's coming back for round two. Here's a look at how the two hit makers stack up.



Fast Talk



  • All About the Benjamins: The $100 Bill by the Numbers

    In an attempt to thwart government counterfeiters, the government has designed a $100 bill even it can't print correctly. The redesigned C-note's February release had to be postponed after printing problems cause some bills to come out creased and partially blank. Here's a look at current U.S. monies, by the numbers.

From the Editor

  • The Year of the Rabbit

    The flood of new ideas that we see, from Silicon Valley to South Beach, continues to amaze me (propelled, often, by creative talent that's immigrated to this country). But I'm also fascinated by China. The pace of change there has been extraordinarily brisk.