Issue 150

November 2010


  • A Guide to Presidential Bestsellers

    It's pretty much a given that President George W. Bush's Decision Points will hit The New York Times best-seller list. Presidents' gracing the list is now as expected as writing a memoir in the first place. In fact, every president since Lyndon B. Johnson has written a memoir, and every first lady since Lady Bird Johnson — except Pat Nixon — has penned her own story too. We pitted recent political couples against one another to let book buyers declare winners. Better get writing, Michelle.

  • Preserving the Gift of Giving

    Americans donated $304 billion in 2009, down 3.6%, and this year some are pledging more. We spoke to seven philanthropists of all different incomes, from billionaires promising half their wealth via Bill Gates and Warren Buffett's Giving Pledge, to regular folks earmarking a slice of their salaries.

  • The Progression of Air Travel

    One century ago this month, commercial air flight took off. And before we know it, we could be flying in cars, or taking family vacations to space. As airline bigwigs convene in London to talk the future, we glance at the bumpy path that got us here.



Fast Talk


  • The 50th Anniversary of the Peace Corps

    Fifty years ago this month, President John F. Kennedy gave a name to his idea to send Americans abroad "to encourage mutual understanding between Americans and other cultures of the world." A look at the numbers behind the venerable Peace Corps.

From the Editor

  • The Influence Virus: Our Unlikely Experiment in Social Media

    We also experienced just how ambiguous many online metrics can be. Yes, we received half-a-billion impressions on Twitter. But did that meaningfully change our business footprint and prospects? When Shaquille O'Neal tweeted, "Check it out," with a link to his Influence Project URL, we received 3.1 million Twitter impressions from his followers. But how many of them now think differently about Fast Company?