Issue 149

October 2010


  • Convention on Biological Diversity

    Feeling all fuzzy? As this convention kicks off its 10th edition (this year in Nagoya, Japan), here’s a look at six critters worth saving—and the industries threatening to put them under.

  • 100th Anniversary of the Cathode-Ray Tube

    Happy birthday, boob tube! Well, almost. The cathode-ray tube, the technology that made television sets possible, was patented 100 years ago today. But it would be a slow slog before TV took over our living rooms.

  • Facebook: The Social Network

    Whether you’re a potential investor in Facebook’s rumored $60 billion IPO, one of the site’s 500 million members, or just a movie buff, filmmaker Aaron Sorkin’s biting biopic of Mark Zuckerberg will likely be a must-see. To prep you for the film, here’s a crib sheet of our latest Facebook coverage.



From the Editor

  • Letter From the Editor: Design With a Purpose

    In her welcoming remarks, the First Lady called design a "craft at the intersection of art and science, form and function -- grounding inspiration and innovation in fundamental principles of math and physics and engineering." She praised the honorees for "having the courage, even the audacity, to pursue your vision of the world as it can and as it