Issue 141

December/January 2010




Fast Talk


  • Update

    Updates and corrections from the past issue.


  • The Simpsons, by the Numbers

    ¡Ay, caramba! With new episodes airing at least through 2011, The Simpsons, which turns 20 on December 17, has been on the small screen longer than any other comedy or drama in prime-time television history. Below, a look at the dough — or is it d'oh? — behind Matt Groening's brainchild.


From the Editor

  • Letter from the Editor: Attitude Is Everything

    My father-in-law uses an expression, "Attitude is everything." It's his nonconfrontational way of saying, "Stop complaining." This expression has been on my mind lately when I talk to media and advertising executives about the disruption and uncertainty in their industries. I hear a lot of nostalgia, resistance, and barely contained anger as lucrative ways of doing business are undercut by shifts in technology, new spending patterns, and client enthusiasm for ideas that have never been tried before. It's no wonder that AMC's Mad Men has become such a cultural touchstone.