Issue 140

November 2009



Fast Talk

  • American Airlines' Gay-Friendly Skies

    George Carrancho, 43, manages American Airlines' Rainbow Team, the first dedicated LGBT sales staff and Web site to target the $65 billion American gay and lesbian travel industry.


  • Update

    Updates from the September 2009 issue/


  • Residential Real Estate by the Numbers

    It may be a buyer's market out there, but it isn't a broker's. Which makes this year's theme at the 2009 Realtors' Conference in San Diego (November 13 — 16) — "Chart a Winning Course" (keynoter: Condi Rice) — seem both hopeful and sad. Here's a look at the business of homes.


From the Editor

  • Letter from the Editor: Faith-Based Business

    I may be wrong, but I'm never in doubt. That's a line I use with my staff (and my kids) to explain my decision making. It is partly in jest — of course I have doubts, just like everyone else. But sometimes you need to project confidence and inspire obedience, especially when facing a wall of skepticism.