Issue 138

September 2009



Fast Talk

  • Janette Sadik-Khan Wants New Yorkers to Walk This Way

    Janette Sadik-Khan cut through the congested knots of Manhattan traffic with a novel concept: Close some roads to cars. Green Light for Midtown, a project launched last May, has turned lanes of Broadway in Times Square and Herald Square into pedestrian zones—and sped up traffic.


  • A Taste of the Honey Business

    The bees of America have been working hard all summer: To make a pound of honey, they have to fly the equivalent of eight roundtrips between New York and Paris. Now it's time to enjoy the fructose of their labor. Have a taste of the facts and figures on honey.


From the Editor

  • Letter from the Editor: Lessons of the Edupunks

    Like many teenagers, my son spends a ton of time on his computer. His passion is designing icons to personalize a desktop or iPhone interface. He posts sets of these icons online for people to download. He doesn't get paid for any of this. But he loves doing i