Issue 137

July/August 2009


  • Watch: Harry Potter 6

    Accio ticket sales! The Hogwarts crew returns with Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince on July 15. So far, the films' grosses have been stunningly consistent. Here's how other major franchises compare.

  • Drill: The U.S. Oil Industry Turns 150

    Before 1859, America had no oil business. August 28 marks the 150th anniversary of its first commercial well. Today, the U.S. is the world's third-biggest oil producer and largest consumer. Join us for a tour of this gas-guzzling nation.


Fast Talk

  • How Body Sensors Are Gaming the Health System

    Biomedicine and wireless technology are converging to create a booming remote-health-monitoring market — expected to more than double to $7.7 billion a year by 2012 — to combat obesity, heart disease, and other illnesses.


  • Update

    Fast Deals

    Some of the 50 Most Innovative Companies we cited in March have found one another as intriguing as we did. We named Pure Digital Technologies, maker of the supersimple Flip digital video recorders, No. 7; that month, Cisco Systems (No. 5) bought the company for $590 million in stock.


  • Numerology: Hawaii Five-O

    The last territory to be granted U.S. statehood joined the union on August 21, 1959, but America's paradise certainly isn't last in our hearts. Pop in Elvis's "Blue Hawaii," pour yourself a fruity rum drink, and check out the state of the 50th state.


From the Editor

  • Letter from the Editor: Endless Energy

    When staff writer Anya Kamenetz and her husband, an engineer at Google, went on their honeymoon, they set aside a week to volunteer at an AIDS hospice in Pune, India. The hospice, it turned out, desperately wanted its own Web site.