Issue 127

July/August 2008


  • Democrats in Denver ; Republicans in St. Paul

    On August 25, the delegates of the Democratic Party will descend on Denver to nominate formally — finally! — its candidate for President of the United States. The Republicans will gather a week later in St. Paul, Minnesota. Both parties chose states that will be crucial battlegrounds in November — and that they narrowly lost four years ago. No matter the outcome on Election Day, the real winners come convention time will be the two cities, which will enjoy endless media coverage and upward of $150 million apiece in economic benefits. Here's a primer on this year's happy hosts.


Fast Talk


  • Updates

    Updates on folks featured in past issues of the magazine.


  • Numerology: Hot Dog!

    Want a wiener? Americans will eat about 2.3 billion — a disgusting eight per person — during National Hot Dog Month. National Hot Dog Day is July 18th, but the 4th is the biggest dog day. Here's a look inside the business of America's favorite sausage.


From the Editor

  • Editor's Letter: Market Manipulation

    When the founding fathers of the New York Stock Exchange (and, yes, they were all men) gathered under a buttonwood tree on Wall Street, in lower Manhattan, 216 years ago, they could not have imagined that their efforts would help create businesses such as Google or Apple or General Electric. Or that their handiwork would lead to a worldwide obsession with stock prices.