Issue 124

April 2008


  • Now: April 2008

    What's happening this month, from the world's biggest lighting show to, inevitably, Tax Day.

  • MEET: World Retail Congress

    Barcelona is the place for executives to talk shop — from green packaging to worldwide economic worries — April 9-11. We asked five attendees to tell us what's on their agendas, besides tapas.

  • Journal-ist: Freedom of Choice

    From the journals, studies on why we shop online, how clicks-and-mortar stores can build trust, and how negative reviews can be overcome.


  • The Napkin Sketch

    How Wal-Mart, Microsoft, and others are using the power of images to digest complex ideas.

  • The Hot Zone

    A Google-backed startup called Meraki thinks it can succeed where others have failed, building citywide Wi-Fi networks. First up: San Francisco.

  • Ode To A Burrito

    The ingredients that make Chipotle the hottest fast-food chain on the planet.

  • Measuring Footprints

    A new program at Patagonia tells consumers about the eco-impact of its products — and helps the company get greener.

  • Second Life

    Disgraced stock analyst turned financial writer Henry Blodget talks about index funds, socially responsible investing, and his reputation.

  • Take Me Out to the Ballpark

    The Washington Nationals' colors may be red, white, and blue, but its new LEED-certified stadium, the first in Major League Baseball, is green. A look at a park that's friendlier to both the earth and team earnings.

Fast Talk


From the Editor

  • Letter from the Editor

    Taking risks is at the core of every successful business: To create and innovate — and outdo the competition — you need to delve into new, often uncomfortable situations. Yet at a time of economic uncertainty such as today, risk taking can seem particularly difficult. What better moment for a three-part examination of the topic?