Issue 121

December 2007


  • High Concept

    North American International Auto Show | January 19–27 | Detroit

  • Retail Fantasyland

    Go to the National Retail Federation annual convention, and you might think we’re on the verge of a high-tech shopping boom. So where is it? Paco Underhill, retail consultant and author of Why We Buy, explains.

  • Double Features

    Iconic conferences apparently come in pairs. Choose your winter agenda:

  • Smart Books 2008

    Five tomes that want to transform your thinking this year. We tell you what’s a must-read and what’s a pass.


Fast Talk

  • Fast Talk: The Safety Chief

    Kitty Pilarz, 48, has been in the hot seat since the lead-paint scandal hit Mattel division Fisher-Price. The company had long followed voluntary safety standards set by an industry group, but Pilarz has instituted new measures.


From the Editor

  • Letter from the Editor

    Such identification—and fascination—with Apple is rampant. After one of our columnists criticized Steve Jobs a few issues back, we were deluged with hostile letters, a few of which appear in our Feedback section, beginning on page 25. Apple is widely admired for its customer-focused products, its enviable design aesthetic, its unmatched success with problem solving. American business needs an icon to believe in, and Apple has done nearly everything right in earning that status.