Issue 119

October 2007


  • The Hard Sell

    Sex sells, or so goes the adage, but does it sell to everyone, all the time? Not always, according to Tom Reichert, a professor at the University of Georgia who examined men's and women's reactions to sexually charged ads. In the research, to be published this fall, Reichert and his colleagues used a simple test called the Sexual Self-Schema to measure how comfortable people are with sex by asking how well a series of adjectives (such as "uninhibited," "spontaneous," and "arousable") describe them.

  • Next

    • Tough Guys

      How the NFL and its corporate partners have been able to avoid a permanent black eye despite persistent drug and violence problems.

    • Moneybags

      Citywide plastic-bag bans are gaining momentum. But will companies be the ones that force us to change?

    • Business Left Undone

      Bill McGuire left UnitedHealth in the wake of an options scandal. While he awaits his fate, he refocuses on his great passion: reforming health care.

    • Spicing Up the Gum Trade

      The Wrigley Global Innovation Center is changing the way the venerable candy maker creates products. How a sleek new chew came to be.

    Fast Talk

    • Fast Talk: A Shining Biofuel Success

      Patricia Woertz

      CEO, Archer Daniels Midland Co.
      Decatur, Illinois

      Patricia Woertz, 54, a veteran of Chevron and Gulf Oil, plans to increase ADM's focus on ethanol and other biodiesel fuels.


    From the Editor

    • Letter from the Editor

      What does design really contribute to an organization's bottom line? In a global marketplace where price competition and commodification have slashed margins and "reengineered" jobs, it can be easy to peg what designers do as an indulgence—style over substance, form over function. Committing business resources toward the tangible is just more efficient than—sniff—the soft world of design.