Issue 117

July/August 2007


Fast Talk

  • Fast Talk: Hip Car Hits the Clubs

    Jeri Yoshizu

    Sales Promotion Manager, Scion
    Torrance, California

    Jeri Yoshizu, 38, who runs lifestyle marketing for Toyota's brand Scion, has been helping local musicians produce CDs for more than three years. She is now creating limited-release vinyl records, popular with club DJs and Scion's hipster target audience.


From the Editor

  • Letter From the Editor

    A few days ago, Alan M. Webber, one of Fast Company's founders, stopped by our offices for a visit. He talked about a recent trip he'd made to Tanzania, where he toured a traditional village. The men still hunt animals for meat, he noted, and the women dig up tubers. Although the villagers know about modern conveniences like matches, they still choose to twirl sticks into stones to start a fire. The very idea of innovation and change is threatening to them, Webber observed