Issue 115

May 2007


  • Lessons From the Tarmac

    Take it from David Neeleman and JetBlue: Recovering from a crisis is about the trust you build beforehand.

  • The Red Zone

    At the Boston Consulting Group, put in too many hours and you'll get flagged.

  • Cube Talk

    Everything you know about workplace culture comes from Dilbert? Try some alternative views.

  • Cliché Watch

    How much are your hackneyed personal strengths really worth?

    Plenty, if you're that go-to person. The average salary offered in nationwide job listings that seek clichéd applicant attributes, according to

    • Go-to guy/woman: $63,000

    • Self-starter: $42,000

    • Team player: $39,000

    • Go-getter: $37,000

    • Attention to detail: $30,000

  • Failure Doesn't Suck

    Sir James Dyson on getting it right after 5,126 tries—and how to move air at 400 mph.

  • Secret Sauce

    Behind Whataburger's cult status—and rapid same-store growth—is its corporate Olympics.

  • Shed Twenty Pounds

    Thanks to high-tech and design advancements, outdoor adventurers can now cut their load in half.

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