Issue 114

April 2007


  • Emerging Web Jargon


    \'plin-kin\ n 1 : The act of embedding a product or service link in a video. Though the basic technology has been deployed before, the term itself was coined (and trademarked) by Entertainment Media Works, a product-placement firm whose pitches fashions featured in movies, TV shows, and music vids. EMW's idea: to enable plinking in any user-generated video. That's right—YouTube with click-to-buy merchandising.

  • Building a New Nest

    Smart companies are launching niche online communities—and getting out of the way.

  • Farm Chic

    America's luxurious rustic getaway gets in touch with its roots—and lets you do the same.

  • Shirt Story

    This spring, let your shirts spin a yarn about great design and innovation.

Fast Talk


  • Faultless Towers

    Real-estate moguls know there's good money in green buildings. But the little guy can play too.

  • Polarize Me

    If you want people to like you, first decide who needs to hate you.

  • Open Debate

    Do leaders teach? Do teachers lead? Bill George and Teach for America's Wendy Kopp take to the blackboard.

From the Editor