Issue 112

February 2007


  • Phone Flip

    How your cell phone is morphing into the center of your universe.

  • Collect All 10!

    John Davis is a serial intellectual entrepreneur—and he has the cards to prove it.

  • Flying Cars

    Sitting in Samuel Schweighart's garage in Watertown, Massachusetts, is the stuff of science fiction—and soon reality. Schweighart, an engineer with Boston-based Terrafugia, is part of the team leading the charge to get a "roadable aircraft" off the ground (this is a one-fifth scale prototype). Known as the Transition, it's designed for 100- to 500-mile jumps. Terrafugia expects the Transition to take flight in 2009 with an asking price of $148,000.

  • Blogging the Bloggers

    We go meta this month, bringing you the top sites for and about bloggers. How to blog best? Read on.

  • Fashion Forward

    We've come a long way from the miracle of rayon. How new fabric technology is changing our duds.

  • The Smart Setup

    The new year brings with it a small raft of thought-provoking business books. Here are the candidates most likely to be 2007's Freakonomics, Fast Food Nation, or Blink.

  • By Our Staff

    Change or Die: The Three Keys to Change at Work and in Life

    By Alan Deutschman
    ReganBooks, January 2007

    In Change or Die, Deutschman, a Fast Company senior writer, expands upon his popular May 2005 cover story, debunking myths and inspiring meaningful change. An excerpt:

  • Desktop In Your Pocket

    Are the laptop's days numbered? On your next trip, you might be leaving your notebook at home and carrying a gadget that stores your entire computing environment—software as well as files. Known as smart drives, these USB 2.0 devices let you bring your digital desktop to any computer, whether it's an alternate office PC, an airport workstation, or a machine in the local coffee shop. And you'll leave behind no browser cache, history, or passwords.

  • Savvy, With Hints Of Guile And Resourcefulness

    Cameron Hughes turned his low-cost premium vintner into an $8 million business—and an unexpected hit at Costco—with no inventory or equipment. Now he's expanding from California to as many as 150 Costcos nationwide. Here's how Hughes makes nectar from nothing.

  • Stable Hand

    Even the CEO of a spa knows stress. John Vanderslice, 45, feels it as he grows Miraval from a destination resort into a lifestyle brand (including a 365-unit apartment building in New York, set to open this summer). Vanderslice uses his insider info about relaxation to find balance. It's either that, or eat his hat.

  • Winter Magic

    An avalanche of industry firsts improve your snowbound fun.

  • Let the Sun Shine

    Solar stocks are the feel-good investments of the hour. That's why you need to be careful.

Fast Talk

From the Editor

  • Letter From The Editor

    One afternoon as we were putting this issue of Fast Company to bed, I stood behind the chair of our art director, Dean Markadakis, peering over his shoulder at his computer screen as he tried out different photographs for the cover. He clicked on directories to summon up images, switched to drop-down menus to resize the pictures, and then clicked back to the cover to drop them in place. He also groaned in frustration when he couldn't find the photo he was looking for, when the software balked, or when the wrong picture came up.