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The 2007 Fast Company/Monitor Group Social Capitalist Awards
A More Powerful Path By Cheryl Dahle
Class of '07: The The Fast Company/Monitor Group Social Capitalist Award Winners
Prime Partners: The Housing Partnership Network By Jennifer Vilaga
Prime Partners: Hands On Network By Michael A. Prospero
Prime Partners: Springboard Forward By Cheryl Dahle
Prime Partners: EcoLogic Finance By Alyssa Danigelis
Prime Partners: First Book By Cheryl Dahle
The Making of the 2007 Fast Company/Monitor Group Social Capitalist Awards
What Makes a Social Capitalist?
Voices of Authority: Expert Bios
Extra Credit
Slideshow: 2007 Social Capitalists
Podcast: Tom Bledsoe, Housing Partnership Network
Podcast: Kyle Zimmer, First Book
Podcast: Michelle Nunn, Hands On Network
Podcast: Willy Foote, EcoLogic Finance
Podcast: Elliott Brown, Springboard Forward
Podcast: Paul Rice, TransFair USA
No Satisfaction at Toyota
What drives Toyota? The presumption of imperfection--and a distinctly American refusal to accept it. By Charles Fishman
Bottled Up
Just When Cristal got kicked out of the party, Hip-hop fixture Branson B. was rolling out his own champagne. So where are his famous friends now? Hey, it's just business. By Jamie Bryan
Just Add Inspiration
A peek inside the Inventables DesignAid kit, the odd but thought-provoking secret weapon of great designers. By Chuck Salter
Slideshow: Inspiration In A Kit
Ears Wide Open
Slim Devices is a Silicon Valley startup with hot products for audiophiles. It's also a next-generation open organization where customers imagine and design the products. Is this the company of the future? By Alan Deutschman
First The Customers Dreamed the Transporter Up…
Space Shot: Georgia Aquarium, Atlanta, GA
A work space big enough to move a whale--and schools of children, too. By Charles Fishman
Slideshow: Gone Fishin'
Fast Talk: Kiwi Fashion
Designer Karen Walker on what it takes to start a global brand on the far side of the moon.
By Linda Tischler
Fast Talk: Wascally Wabbit
Rafi Haladjian says a connected world has to be more fun than just a smart refrigerator.
By David Lidsky
Fast Talk: Home Improvement
Intel's Genevieve Bell on why our homes will never be like George Jetson's. By Alan Deutschman
Slideshow: Wit's End
An illustrated tale: Et tu, Brute? When your cofounder turns out to be your worst enemy.


The Wisdom of Gamers
How many players does it take to balance the budget? By Lucas Conley
Tsunami Relief
Could your PC prevent the next global disaster?
Egregiously Legalistic Sig File of the Month
So long, we couldn't fit it all in. (From an actual email)
Moon Over Munchen
It's a balloon! It's a really big light! It's both! By Michael Dumiak
Is That Bamboo In Your Pants?
Why, yes, and there's corn in our socks, too. By Jennifer Alsever
Job Morph: Nonlinear Function
A screenwriter makes the morph from films to games--and starts thinking differently.
By Alyssa Danigelis
A Different Shade of Green
Can a green building be green without LEED certification? By Josie Swindler
Feeding the Beast
Sustainability is about more than eco-friendly burger boxes. By John R. Ehrenfeld
Publishing's New Math: 14 > 13
Will the publishing industry finally get its data in sync with the rest of the world? By Alyssa Danigelis
Best Blogs: Social Calls
Want to learn how social entrepreneurs do good (or not)? Three blogs take you inside the nonprofit world and show how organizations deliver results. By Michael A. Prospero
Parental Consent
In India, companies discover that when it comes to winning talent, mom and dad can help.
By Jennifer Alsever
An Inconvenient Business
The Weather Channel thinks there's money in objective information about climate change. The forecast? Partly cloudy with a chance of controversy. By Chuck Salter
The Best of Google Labs
Some of Google Labs' cool e-tools that aren't quite ready for prime time. By Yuval Rosenberg
Drive Thru
A new Internet-powered car-navigation device offers hope for avoiding traffic. By Robert E. Calem
The Shipping News
By Robert E. Calem
Amazing (But Sane) Races
Adventure sprints test your skills but not your time. By Christopher Percy Collier
An E-Tool Bill of Rights
A strategy to save us from our digitally addicted selves. By Joe Robinson
Reading List: A Perfect Mess
Sloppy? Disorganized? You're probably more effective, too, say the authors of A Perfect Mess.
By Lucas Conley
More Recommended Reading
See Me, Hear Me
We have all the latest hardware you'll need to create, share, store, and consume digital pictures, music, and videos.
Slideshow: Fast Company Gift Guide
Slideshow: Idea Log
The world's first high-performance electric scooter hits cobblestone piazzas this January. Vectrix's VP of technology, Peter Hughes, and Rob Brady of Robrady design deconstruct their ride.

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Letter from the Editor
Not-so-strict constructionism. By Mark N. Vamos
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Advertising's British Invaders Take Root
By Kathryn Tuggle