Issue 110

November 2006


  • Mommy and Me

    Tellme Networks' products are so simple, even the CEO's mother gets them. In fact, she has to.

  • New Profit

    Make money. Change the world. Better yet, says Good Capital, do both.

  • Coach For A Day

    EA's NFL Head Coach video game offers a mixed message on the art of management.

  • Local Color

    With the rollout of Nokia's flagship stores around the world, designers Tim Kobe and Wilhelm Oehl are balancing Nokia's global brand with local flavor.

  • The Superfruits Are Coming

    Bored with blueberries? Passing on pomegranates? Marketers are pushing a new generation of exotic, good-for-you flavors.

  • Whither the Checkout Girl?

    "Probably no job in the supermarket affects the store's success more than that of the checker." So opined a 1965 training film called The Front Line, which documented a pre-barcode world where a checker's smile and friendliness were key, because the checker "is the shopper's last, and often only, personal contact with the store."

  • Cha Cha Cha

    Scott Jones is back in his zone, working 20-hour days on a new Internet search engine.

  • Keep Out

    The newest innovations in Web security and privacy.

  • Electric Power

    Are you ready for the sports car that hits 112 mph in first gear—and isn't a gas guzzler?

  • What, No Shoe Phone?

    High technology has infiltrated the next generation of footwear. We decide which pairs kick our lives up a notch—and which need a reboot.

Fast Talk

From the Editor

  • Letter From the Editor

    The subject of this month's cover story, Gordon Bell, has embarked on a little experiment with huge implications: He's recording and preserving essentially everything that happens to him—every phone call, every email, every conversation, every document that comes his way. It's scrapbooking on silicon steroids.