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Andy Stefanovich

In Charge of What's Next, Play

Mind Games

Where is it written that important assignments must be carried out with an air of grim determination? That breakthrough ideas can only emerge in a business-as-usual environment? That work must always feel like, well, work?

At Play they believe the basic idea is simple: When you turn work into a place that encourages people to be themselves, have fun, and take risks, you fuel and unleash their creativity. The best ideas come from playful minds. And the way to tap into that playfulness is to play -- together. "Creativity is not a solitary occurrence," he argues. "It's very much a collaborative effort. One person is as creative as the next. That creativity just needs to be discovered within each person. What we're doing is building a creative community -- not mystifying creativity as a special talent of a chosen few."

A diverse and demanding group of clients are finding themselves at Play. Play delivers creative concepts, marketing and branding campaigns, promotional products, and event strategies to the likes of American Express, Calvin Klein, Nationwide Insurance, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Oscar Mayer, and Disney.

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