Matt and Gail Taylor

MG Taylor

RealTime Program:

"Releasing Group Genius: Making Breakthrough Common"

As part of Gail and Matt Taylor's ( MG Taylor ) presentation on Systematic Breakthrough and Group Genius, a website was created - visit it at

"Smart companies now realize they must innovate their way to profitability -- and after that, they have to keep on innovating."

Participants at DesignShops, organized by Matt and Gail Taylor, get frustrated, angry, and rebellious. They also find that the process works-- that it unleashes what the Taylor's call "group genius," a collective creativity so powerful, energizing, and transforming that organizations ranging from restaurant chains to the U.S. military have turned frustrating dead-ends into hugely successful ventures. For more than 20 years, MG Taylor Corporation has been a leader in designing, modeling, manufacturing, and using an integrated system of environments, tools, and processes to employ group genius in solving complex problems. These environments challenge fundamental --often hidden-- assumptions that have bound the workplace for the last century.