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RealTime Miami PDF Posters

Download PDF posters from RealTime Miami below by clicking on the speaker's name:

  • "ideas that spread win." -Seth Godin
  • Would you rather be in the airline business or the freedom business?" -Roy Spence Jr.
  • "We've all had the experience, the excitement, of a child looking under the tent." -David Rockwell
  • "Never talk when you can nod. never write when you can talk. I would add, never put it in an email." -Eliot Spitzer
  • "I can't tell you which five acorns are going to germinate, but I can tell the difference between a rabbit turd and an acorn." -Gary Hamel
  • "I see the glass as half full--But when it's half full, I fill it up." -Libby Sartain
  • "If you really believe in something, there is no 'no'." -Anne Pasternak
  • "There's nothing less energizing than generic. find some kernel of absolute uniqueness." -David Rockwell
  • "Some people love you. Some people hate you. There's nothing like differentiation." -Arkadi Kuhlmann