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Alan Webber and Polly LaBarre: Closing Remarks

Alan Webber and Polly LaBarre: Closing Remarks

Alan Webber is a founding editor of Fast Company magazine. Polly LaBarre works as a senior editor for Fast Company. Here is a rough transcript of their closing comments:

Alan Webber: That was about as good as it gets, my friends. I think there were at least a dozen of us who were in tears or close to tears. That's not your average business gathering.

Polly LaBarre: I was watching you watching him watching you. And I want to thank you for your attention over the last few days.

Alan: I want to say a couple of words about the threads. It's remarkable to me that things were so consistent throughout this event. Part of it is our live events team. And part of it is is what you bring to the conference. We started the event with a team-building exercise. And we ended it watching a team at its best.

In this turbulent time, playing it safe is not smart. You have to play on the fringe. We heard that the people who are the same as everyone else are not going to win. You have to be different by definition. Whether we were listening to Eliot Spitzer or the world's most radical banker, we look at the time to take the challenge. That said, the world is created when you look inside. Values. Meaning. Warmth.

Having made the case for optimism, I way underestimated how optimism is really warranted today. The leaders who rushed up to the podium are ready to take the baton and lead us into the future.

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