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RealTime Miami

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This year business leaders and innovators like yourself converged in Miami, Florida from June 1 - 3, at the fabulous, ocean-side Loews Miami Beach, for the 9th RealTime gathering. In case you missed this successful event:

What is RealTime? RealTime is an event designed to bring the FAST COMPANY Magazine to life. 400 of the sharpest players in business will join world-class speakers, thought leaders, and the editors of FAST COMPANY for two-and-a-half rapid-fire days of interactive knowledge sharing and networking at RealTime Miami 2003. Dynamic content, interactive discussions, and innovative ideas all show you why bold leadership matters, how innovation can recharge your company and how great ideas will help you outsmart your competition!

RealTime Themes

Our RealTime leadership sessions are FAST COMPANY at our most timeless. In Miami, we'll feature the most important, compelling, and surprising arguments about strategy, leadership, and performance - from people who have changed the conversation about corporate success at the highest levels of business.

Uncover the true character of leadership, in people and in companies. Discover how you can you be "in charge" even when you can't be in control. Find out the real job description of the CEO and what defines the best of them.

In today's knowledge economy, you're only as good as your last idea. In these RealTime sessions, you'll learn about the role of innovation in business and the strategies you need to foster it. Find out how to separate the good ideas, the bad and the ugly - especially with limited resources. See the best ideas that are helping companies get beyond survival to truly thrive in today's business climate.

From launching new products to finding new ways to reach customers, we'll help you open the doors to innovation and unleash creativity in your company. It's about finding great ideas in all aspects of business - strategy, technology, management, and leadership.

Our competition sessions highlight the people and companies forging ahead in a world that's slower, meaner, and simply less fun than it used to be. We'll showcase resilient people, resolute companies, and tough-minded growth. It's just not enough to have a great idea - you need to create a strategy to execute on it if you want to win.

These sessions will give you new strategies for outsmarting, out maneuvering, and out-executing your competition. You'll gain new insights from your successes as well as the failures. Plus you'll get all the latest thoughts, ideas, and perspectives on strategy and competition - and the tools and tactics needed to drive your success.

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Why Should I Attend?

  1. RealTime will change the way you think about how to solve problems at your company and improve its financial and strategic performance.
  2. The RealTime community will expose you to best practices and fresh thinking that will improve your career and your world of work.
  3. Expand and grow your network of innovative business contacts.
  4. Listen and learn from more than 20 world-class speakers, each with unique perspectives on how to be a more effective leader, competitor, and innovator.
  5. Meet representatives from leading-edge companies who will turn you on to services and products that will aid and improve your business and home life.

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What is Extreme RealTime?

    Extreme RealTime is a custom program brought to you by the FAST COMPANY team, designed to make your RealTime experience unique. It's about team-building, getting your hands dirty, getting your feet wet, and going the extra mile.

    As an Extreme RealTimer, you'll have access to 5 special content and team-building sessions throughout the two and a half day program.

    The Extreme Team is limited to 50 people and sells out fast, so reserve your place today. An extra event fee of $500 applies.

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Who Attends RealTime?

RealTime is attended by more than 400 of FAST COMPANY'S most influential and involved readers who are leading the new world of business.

The following are attendee demographics from the May 2002 RealTime in San Diego, California:

  • Male 56%
  • Female 44%
  • Graduated College 92%
  • Post-graduate /Masters/Doctorate 48%
  • less than 100 28%
  • 100-999 29%
  • 1,000+ 43%
  • Median Gross Sales /Rev. in 2002 $45 million
  • Over $1 Billion 26%
  • Chairman/CEO/President 21%
  • Owner/Partner 13%
  • CFO/COO/CIO/VP/Other officer 28%
  • Middle Management 23%
  • Technical Staff 2%
  • Professional/Consultant 5%
  • Other 8%

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Video Highlights From RealTime 2002

Our 9th RealTime will take place in Miami from June 1-3, but catch highlights from 2002's RealTime San Diego in a two minute video that brings it all to life!

RealTime Miami Overview (RealPlayer)

RealTime (56K)
RealTime (Broadband)

RealTime Miami Overview (QuickTime)

RealTime (56K)
RealTime (Broadband)

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"RealTime is the gathering for business innovators, world-class speakers, and cutting-edge companies. It's the once-a-year place where a dazzling collection of leaders come to create an intense explosion of new ideas - and take home some of the smartest learning straight from the pages of FAST COMPANY."
-Alan Webber, Founding Editor, FAST COMPANY

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