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  • Innovation Uncensored Conference San Francisco 2014
    Attend The Conference

    NOVEMBER 10TH - Offsites and Happy Hour (Various Locations)

    NOVEMBER 11TH - Full Day Conference at CityView at Metreon

    IUSF2014 Overview

    About Innovation Uncensored

    Fast Company’s Innovation Uncensored is for anyone with a mind for modern business. Join more than 500 executives, inventors, strategists, designers, marketers, visionaries, and creatives from the worlds of technology, business and design on November 10th and 11th for a conversation on the power of innovation and disruption in business.

    With talented speakers and groundbreaking business solutions, Innovation Uncensored brings the best of Fast Company’s magazine and websites to life on-stage. Be prepared to connect with a diverse crowd of leaders and for the rush of extraordinary ideas that will transform your business, brand and career.

    Day 1 of Innovation Uncensored will take place at various off sites around San Francisco.

    Day 2 of innovation uncensored will take place at the metreon with the address listed there.

    2014 Main Stage Speakers

    Check back often for updates

    Kent Alterman

    Comedy Central

    Ed Catmull

    Walt Disney and Pixar Animation Studios

    Matías Duarte


    Michele Ganeless

    Comedy Central

    Casey Gerald

    MBAs Across America

    Eric Harr

    Stand Inc.

    Vivienne Harr

    Stand Inc.

    Grace Helbig

    It's Grace

    Steve Jones

    Fairlife LLC

    Raina Kumra


    Aaron Levie


    Alejandro Manzano

    Boyce Avenue

    Daniel Manzano

    Boyce Avenue

    Fabian Manzano

    Boyce Avenue

    Rose Marcario


    Bill Maris

    Google Ventures

    Andrew Mason


    Michael J. McCloskey

    Fairlife LLC.

    Sue McCloskey

    Fair Oaks Farms

    Dennis Miloseski


    Ingrid Nilsen


    Mike Ohmstede

    The Coca-Cola Co.

    Jane Park


    DJ Patil


    Cody Peterson


    Josh Smith

    Johns Hopkins University

    Biz Stone

    Jelly Inc.

    Baratunde Thurston

    Cultivated Wit

    Gentry Underwood


    Tristan Walker

    Walker & Co.

    Padmasree Warrior


    John Zimmer


    Off-site Hosts

    Check back often for updates

    Jason Altman


    Lee Chae

    Hampton Creek

    John Couling

    Dolby Laboratories

    Brett Crockett

    Dolby Laboratories

    Paul Cross


    Paul Dillinger

    Levi Strauss & Co.

    Kara Goldin

    Hint Inc.

    Michael Gough


    Bronwen Hanna-Korpi

    Belcampo Meat Co.

    Chris Jones

    Hampton Creek

    Tony Key


    Kyle Lapham


    Ido Leffler

    Yes To/Yoobi

    Tim McDonough

    Qualcomm Technologies, Inc.

    Dennis Miloseski


    Howard Nuk

    Samsung Design America

    Lesley Phord-Toy


    Ramji Srinivasan


    Marco Zappacosta


    IUSF2014 Up Close

    2014 Agenda

    Tuesday, November 11

    Check back often for updates. Conference sessions and times are subject to change.



    SESSION 1 / 8:40 AM
    "The Business of Altruism" - Vivienne Harr, a 10-year-old entrepreneur, wants to help end child slavery. Twitter co-founder Biz Stone wants to make supporting social causes easier through the power of technology. Hear about the unlikely partnership that launched a new mobile platform designed to spur social change.
    Biz Stone, Co-founder and CEO, Jelly; ERIC HARR, CEO, STAND; VIVIENNE HARR, Founder, STAND

    SESSION 2 / 9:10 AM
    "Successfully Sustainable: Inside Patagonia’s Mission-Driven Business" - Patagonia, the outdoor clothing company, is the poster child for doing business to help the planet. From launching a venture fund to developing and producing a feature-length environmental documentary to adopting an open-source approach to sustainable product development, Patagonia’s team is crossing more innovative terrain than ever before.
    Rose Marcario, President and CEO, Patagonia; Moderated by DANIELLE SACKS, Senior Writer, Fast Company

    SESSION 3 / 9:40 AM
    "Up Close: Designing the Next-Generation Sub" - The Navy is rethinking its massively complex submarines with some of the most common products in consumer technology: an Xbox, iPad, and a smartphone. Step inside the process that’s rapidly changing how subs perform their missions.
    Josh Smith, TANG Director, Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Lab; Moderated by CHUCK SALTER, Senior Writer, Fast Company

    SESSION 4 / 09:50 AM
    "Lessons for Leading Creatively" - How do you inject creativity into a corporate culture? Learn the secrets of how to manage creatives, develop the best creative ideas from your team, and build an office environment where every voice is heard.
    Ed Catmull, President, Walt Disney and Pixar Animation Studios; Moderated by RICK TETZELI, Executive Editor, Fast Company

    Creativity, Inc. book signing with Ed Catmull.

    SESSION 5 / 10:40 AM
    "Redefining the Regulators" - Learn how Lyft, the popular ride-sharing startup, navigates one of the most difficult barriers to entry in a new city: local regulators. With a mission to redefine how we use transportation around the country, find out how the company plans to disrupt the status quo city by city.
    John Zimmer, President, Lyft; Moderated by Noah Robischon, Executive Editor, Fast Company

    SESSION 6 / 11:00 AM
    "Diversity Matters: How Tristan Walker is Changing the Valley" - Meet the entrepreneur who wants to not only transform health and beauty products for people of color, but also the ethos of who works (and succeeds) in Silicon Valley.
    Tristan Walker, Founder and CEO, Walker & Co. Brands; J.J. MCCORVEY, Associate Editor, Fast Company

    SESSION 7 / 11:25 AM
    "The Reinvention of Milk" - In this unique storytelling format—"performance journalism" narrated by Fast Companysenior writer Chuck Salter—embark on the surprising journey to a healthier glass of milk and a dairy farm like no other.
    Mike Ohmstede, Vice President of Investments and Ventures, Coca-Cola; Mike and Sue McCloskey, Co-founders of Fairlife and owners of Fair Oaks Farms; Steve Jones, CEO, Fairlife; Moderated by CHUCK SALTER, Senior Writer, Fast Company

    SESSION 8 / 11:55 AM
    "Up Close: The Future of Light" - A skilled team of inventors has developed the world’s thinnest LED light technology, called Lightpaper. Experience the invention for yourself, and step into the future as the company’s CEO illuminates its many possible applications.
    CODY PETERSON, CEO, Rohinni; CHUCK SALTER, Senior Writer, Fast Company

    LUNCH / 12:00 PM
    When Life Gives You Lemons, Change the World! Make a Stand book signing with Vivienne Harr.

    SESSION 9 / 1:00 PM
    "So Funny I Forgot I Was Being Manipulated" - There’s more to comedy than laughter alone. It has the power to raise awareness, communicate empathy, and bring a dose of humanity to innately inhuman interfaces. Our host Baratunde Thurston and his Cultivated Wit co-founder Brian Janosch will share examples that they promise will make you laugh more than this description does.
    BARATUNDE THURSTON, CEO, Cultivated Wit; BRIAN JANOSCH, Co-Founder, Cultivated Wit

    SESSION 10 / 1:10 PM
    "Creating New Mobile Categories" - Listen in as Samsung’s head of design paints a picture of the wearable future.
    Dennis Miloseski, Vice President & Head of Design, Samsung

    SESSION 11 / 1:20 PM
    "Our Phones in 2020" - Top designers predict the next phase of the world’s most transformative device.
    Matias Duarte, VP Design, Android; Gentry Underwood, Head of Design, Dropbox; MARK WILSON, Senior Writer, Fast Company

    SESSION 12 / 1:40 PM
    "What’s Next for Google Ventures?" - Hear from the founder of the VC firm that has placed bets on the hottest household names in tech such as Uber and Nest. What trends and companies are next?
    Bill Maris, Managing Partner, Google Ventures; Moderated by NOAH ROBISCHON, Executive Editor, Fast Company

    SESSION 13 / 2:10 PM
    "How to Own YouTube" - Meet the next generation of celebrity: the stars from YouTube who have used the platform to launch careers, create products, and even sell out concerts.
    Alejandro, Daniel, and Fabian Manzano, Boyce Avenue; Grace Helbig, Comedian, Actress, YouTube Personality; Ingrid Nilsen, YouTube Personality; Moderated by MARK WILSON, Senior Writer, Fast Company

    Grace's Guide: The Art of Pretending to Be a Grown-up book signing with Grace Helbig.

    SESSION 14 / 3:10 PM
    "Comedy for the Digital Age" - Learn how Comedy Central, a network that targets the tech-savvy demographic of 18- to 34-year-olds, is keeping up with the digital age of cross-platform content consumption.
    Michele Ganeless, President, Comedy Central; Kent Alterman, President of Content Development, Comedy Central; Moderated by DANIELLE SACKS, Senior Writer, Fast Company

    SESSION 15 / 3:40 PM
    "The Salon Renaissance" - Beauty brand Julep focuses on translating the social atmosphere of founder and CEO Jane Park’s Seattle-based brick-and-mortar salons for the online community. Learn how the company has leveraged grassroots outreach and social media marketing to create this new consumer experience—one that continues to drive the company’s rapid product development, consumer brand loyalty, and staggering success.
    Jane Park, Founder and CEO, Julep; Moderated by KIM LAST, Senior Events Editor, Fast Company

    SESSION 16 / 4:00 PM
    "A Founder’s Next Chapter" - The founder and former CEO of Groupon opens up about Detour, his startup designed to share the untold stories of cities.
    Andrew Mason, Co-founder and CEO, Detour; Moderated by NOAH ROBISCHON, Executive Editor, Fast Company

    SESSION 17 / 4:20 PM
    "The Secrets of Generation Flux: Find Your Mission" - Meet the new breed of business leaders who are driven by not only money, but also the pursuit of societal purpose, and hear their tips for achieving success in business and life.
    Padmasree Warrior, Chief Technology and Strategy Officer, Cisco; Casey Gerald, Co-founder & CEO, MBAs Across America; DJ Patil, VP of Product, RelateIQ; Aaron Levie, Co-founder and CEO, Box; Raina Kumra, Co-founder, Mavin and CEO, Juggernaut; Moderated by BOB SAFIAN, Editor-in-Chief, Fast Company

    WRAP-UP / 4:50 PM


    Off-site Experiences

    Monday, November 10

    Check back often for updates. Conference sessions and times are subject to change.
    Available to paid conference attendees only and subject to host approval.

    A Few Hints on Building A Following (10:00 - 11:30AM)- Since its launch in 2005, all-natural Hint Water has become a recognized leader in the beverage industry, triumphantly changing the notion that drinks must contain sugar or diet sweeteners to have market appeal, while collecting numerous industry and consumer accolades and expecting a cool $50 million in revenue this year alone. On this visit to Hint Inc.’s headquarters, you'll get to see where some of today's most refreshing innovation goes down, and along the way pick up a few tried-and-true secrets on how to build a following and successfully market directly to your consumers.
    Hosted by Kara Goldin, CEO and founder of Hint Inc.

    Designing the Next Generation of Devices at Samsung (10:00 - 11:30AM)- Go behind-the-scenes at Samsung’s San Francisco design studio and learn more about creating and innovating devices of the future.
    Hosted by Dennis Miloseski, Vice President & Head of Design, Samsung

    Game Changer: A Look Inside Ubisoft’s Immersive Game Experiences (1:00 - 2:30PM)- Thanks to compelling narratives, innovative gameplay, and breakthrough technology, video games these days are true entertainment experiences. At the forefront of this charge, Ubisoft has inspired communities around the world to play, connect, rock out, and Just Dance. During this visit to Ubisoft’s San Francisco office, get hands-on with some of its top video-game franchises and learn about the technology that powers its innovation.
    Hosted by Lesley Phord-Toy, Producer, Assassin's Creed;Tony Key, Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Ubisoft; Jason Altman,Executive Producer, Just Dance Now; Paul Cross,Creative Director, Rocksmith

    How Thumbtack Gets It Done (3:00 - 5:00PM)- Local commerce marketplace Thumbtack recently announced $100 million in series D funding, and it’s still just getting started. Head over to the web startup’s San Francisco headquarters to discover how the once couch-crashing, closet-dwelling cofounders Marco Zappacosta and Jonathan Swanson successfully navigated revenue-model shifts and funding rejection in the early days of their business to develop a service that aims to make all of our lives a little bit easier. 
    Hosted by Marco Zappacosta, Co-Founder and CEO

    Innovating While "Doing Good" (3:00 - 4:00PM)- Step inside the world of "Do Good" entrepreneur Ido Leffler, founder of the global beauty brand Yes To and school supply company Yoobi. Ido will share the story of how he’s launched brands that are on the shelves of some of the biggest retailers — like Target, Walgreens, and others — and along the way, how he identified philanthropy, trust, and passion as the core for how to do business.
    Hosted by Ido Leffler, Founder of Yes To and Yoobi

    Innovation You Can Live In (2:00 - 3:30PM)- Last year, timeless denim makers Levi Strauss & Co. quietly opened a new space in San Francisco: the Eureka Innovation Lab. Through a combination of tech, science and fashion, the lab team creates apparel prototypes for the cutting-edge designs that will end up on retail floors around the world. On this exclusive visit to the lab, the head of Global Product Innovation, Paul Dillinger, will take you through the team’s R&D process, offering a behind-the-scenes look at how denim is being redefined.
    Hosted by Paul Dillinger, Vice President of Global Product Innovation, Levi Strauss & Co.

    Inside Counsyl’s Robotic-Powered Lab (3:00 - 4:00PM)- Walk inside Counsyl’s 24-hour, machine-powered, clinical lab – the only one of its kind – and join the conversation on the power of preventative health.
    Hosted by Kyle Lapham, Head of Automation, Counsyl; Ramji Srinivasan, Co-Founder and CEO, Counsyl

    Listen Up! The Future of Entertainment Sound (1:00 - 2:30PM)- On this site visit to Dolby Laboratories, members of the company's product and executive teams will make your ears perk up with a look at the history and science behind sound, exclusive demos of their current most innovative technologies— which are bringing cinema-quality surround sound to your home, mobile devices, headphones, and beyond—and visionary thoughts on what we can expect to hear in the future.
    Hosted by John Couling,Senior Vice President, E-Media Business Group; Brett Crockett, Senior Director of Sound Technology Research

    Peek Into the Mobile Future at Qualcomm (2:00 - 3:30PM)- What will the next generation of mobile devices look like? Qualcomm Technologies can show you. Step into the future of mobile on this site visit to their San Francisco office and try out some of their most innovative new technologies for yourself, including computer chips designed to work and learn like the human brain, Ultra HD 4K video streaming in your pocket, DSLR-quality photo processing (read: #nofilter necessary), and more.
    Hosted by Tim McDonough, Vice President of Marketing, Qualcomm Technologies Inc.

    The Art of Meat (9:30 - 10:30AM)- Head to Belcampo’s San Francisco restaurant/butchery and learn how the sustainable meat company is not only attempting to restore a long-lost appreciation for truly good meat, but also how they’ve reconsidered their business practices in the face of California’s drought and continued to expand.
    Hosted by Bronwen Hanna-Korpi, President, Belcampo Meat Co.

    The Incredible, Edible World Behind Hampton Creek’s Food Innovation Kitchen (11:00 - 12:30PM)- Plants have the power to change how we eat, and one start up is demonstrating how. Step inside the R&D kitchen at Hampton Creek for a behind-the-scenes conversation and cooking demonstration about the science of taste and how food will continue to evolve.
    Hosted by Chris Jones, Director of Culinary Innovation, Hampton Creek

    Yes You Can Draw: How to Inspire Creative Thinking in Your Teams at Adobe (10:00 - 11:30AM; 2:00 - 3:30PM)- Michael Gough believes everyone was born creative but that it has been trained out of us – which has resulted in holding back an entire generation who could be tackling the next big idea to tomorrow’s complex problems.
    During this visit to Adobe's San Francisco offices, learn exclusive insights on how today’s leaders can unlock creative thinking in their teams and why drawing is a critical building block for the future of innovation and design thinking.
    Hosted by Michael Gough, VP Experience Design, Adobe

    IUNY 2014 Conference Highlights

    Ed Catmull and the vision of Steve Jobs

    Learn how the Pixar and Disney Animation Studios President worked with the late Steve Jobs

    Technology’s Transformative Value

    How can technology empower entrepreneurs and create an opportunity for social good?

    Evernote’s China Cheat Sheet

    Find out how Evernote successfully amassed more than 10 million Chinese users


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