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Windows To Include a "Time Machine" Feature?

Seeking to expand the functionality of their Windows Home Server software, Microsoft [NASDAQ:MSFT] is reportedly looking to hire a software development engineer. The job description: someone to put together a "top-notch UI for the next release" of Windows Home Server. Specifically, the ad goes on to say, the new position will help develop a competitor for Apple's [NASDAQ:AAPL] Time Machine auto-backup feature, which quietly and seamlessly provides Mac users with previous versions of their system in a simple UI. The engineer would also be working on improving Windows Media Center integration, and some other features that sound more boring. 

While Windows already sports a backup function, it sounds like Redmond is pursuing that coveted Apple user experience with more fervor than before, perhaps as a part of its effort to re-invent the current home Windows environment as a more successful and streamlined suite of programs.

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