Making A Difference Through High-Impact Service: Business Executives on Nonprofit Boards

September 7 - This week, the ServiceNation Summit in New York City will focus national attention on citizen service. Business leaders will be among the featured speakers and sponsors.

For business leaders who seek to advance the economy, the environment, and world peace, the most powerful way you can contribute is to mobilize, encourage, and support the involvement of your professionals and executives to serve on nonprofit boards of directors. Board service also provides a unique opportunity for you to develop the next generation of leaders.

There are many skills that business professionals can bring to bear in strengthening nonprofit boards while also growing their own leadership abilities. In working with regional, national, and global organizations, I see the valuable roles that business people play in helping to imagine a nonprofit’s greater potential, create the strategy and revenue model for success, expand networks of support, and achieve new and ambitious results. People from their late 20’s and on help small, community organizations with budgets of only a million dollars that provide college access and job training. Others help global microlending organizations that invest hundreds of millions of dollars in promoting small businesses, fair trade pricing, and environmental sustainability.

By adding nonprofit board service to your corporate philanthropy and volunteerism programs, businesses can have an exponential impact in transforming the nonprofit sector. Imagine this: hundreds…thousands…millions of freshly engaged and skilled board members from diverse backgrounds and perspectives helping to take the nonprofit sector to new heights!

As you and your company think about how you will play a role in ensuring that people gain access to education, jobs, and healthcare, and that the world is safe and prosperous, consider the formidable talents that business people have to offer through service on nonprofit boards. It’s time to take corporate volunteerism and philanthropy programs to the next level!

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