Own Your Friends! enables your friends to judge your financial worth on an auctioning block for all the Facebook world to see. Who doesn't want that?

The gaming app, Pimp Fight, lets you "build and fight pimps against yo' friends” – charming. However, the real fun is comes in as you make your way through loads of built-in advertisements, some of which require personal financial information.

The wild proliferation of Facebook applications is enough to drive anyone a little batty. But you – and the other two-thousand or so mentally self-conscious users of this application – can trust in Are You Insane? to find out if you truly do have a screw loose.

Pirates vs. Ninjas is just like a fight between real pirates and ninjas, except without all that pesky scurvy and seppuku! The kicker: upon attaining the ultimate level of ninjahood, the user is classified as a Chuck Norris-level ninja.

Mostly known for their black leather apparel and gloomy outlook on life, the goth set is a cliquey bunch. But fear not! With the What Type of Goth Are You? application anyone can join their ranks. You’d think a group so obsessed with death would have realized that goth culture has been pushing up daisies for about ten years.

A desire for brains is no longer the exclusive realm of neurosurgeons, thanks to this application. Bored with all those tasty frontal lobe entrees? Zombies politely asks you to invite a few hundred thousand friends to join the cause of the undead.

It’s natural for humans to assign labels to one another – pessimists and optimists, Democrats and Republicans, fighters and lovers. Now, it’s safe to add cheddars and monterey jacks to the list thanks to the What Type of Cheese Are You? app.

Can’t get enough of America’s favorite elfin, bi-curious reality TV star, Tila Tequila? Try this application, which allows all 220 users to download ringtones and wallpaper directly to their phones.

Dope Wars allows users to deal drugs, fight the DEA, and “get hotties” all from an application that kind of resembles Scarface. The difference between that classic movie and this application, however, is that the latter is remarkably idiotic.

Which American Idol Season 7 (Top 5) Contestant Are You? was created by a rabid American Idol fan with way, way too much time on his hands.

Facebook is a microcosm of the vast expanses of the Internet, even the ornithology-minded parts; therefore, it’s not surprising that there is an application that allows users to “Send fancy breeds of Chickens [sic] to friends.” Sign us up! We Love Chickens too.