Mitsubishi Planning Ultra-Thin Wireless HDTV

Several TV companies have figured out that they can decrease the thickness of their HDTVs by removing the bulky guts — tuner, power supply, etc. — and relocating them in a small box tethered to the set by a wire. This, of course, isn't an ideal solution; the minimalist pleasure of having a super-thin TV is quickly foiled by the bundle of wires crawling up your wall to get to it, and adding a big stupid box doesn't help. 

That's why Mitsubishi's [TYO:6503] is taking the same road as a few other big tech companies like Sharp Electronics, and using the new WHDI wireless spectrum to connect the display and the external box without any clutter. The new Mitsu TV, about which little is known, is a scant 1.5 inches thick, and will likely reach production this winter.

WHDI's range for wireless connection is over 100 feet, and you don't need line-of-sight to make it work; you can stuff the box under a piece of furniture or in a closet, and it will happily beam data to your TV with no problem. That long-range distance also means you can broadcast your HD content across the house to multiple TV sets, all using one tuner (or one wireless Blu-Ray player.) If you're a wireless geek, rest assured: home theater will soon follow home computing, and cut the clutter.

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