Barack Obama's VP Announcement and Embracing Technology

Barack Obama's latest move online has cemented his place as the presidential candidate that has fully embraced the Internet and web 2.0 concepts. On his website, the public can now sign-up to receive an email or cellphone text message to be among the first to know who Obama announces as his running mate.

This is a novel method of revealing to the world the identity of your Vice-President candidate. It also promotes a personal conversation with the Obama campaign. I also like how it shows that politicians are embracing technology and the new kinds of communication it allows.

Will John McCain follow suit with his VP announcement? And which candidate will be the first to release an iPhone app?

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  • A. Lapre

    It’s a bold move to inform the VP selection via email or text – I wonder how many journalists are signed up for this feature so they are ready when the news breaks. Or will they make a traditional announcement then text away?

    Yes, an iPhone app that allows owners to vote with the phone!

  • Dale Thompson

    Perhaps candidate Obama should propose a $10M reward to the first person who delivers an iPhone app that solves global warming. I can't wait for to see the Web 2.0 and Internet solutions for solving world hunger, defeating terrorism, capturing Bin Laden, dealing with global warming and the energy crisis, cleaning up the air in China, and balancing the US federal budget.