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Star Power: Dr. Andrews' Patient List is a Veritable Who's Who of Sports

James Andrews has treated thousands of athletes in his 35-year career. Our list features 62 Hall of Famers, all-stars, and up-and-comers who were his patients.

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1. John Smoltz, Tommy John surgery, shoulder surgery;
2. Michael Jordan, shoulder exam;
3. Pavel Bure, knee consultation;
4. Scottie Pippen, elbow surgery;
5. Barry Zito, biomechanics lab;
6. Kenny Rogers, Tommy John;
7. Paul Molitor, shoulder surgery;
8. DwyAne Wade, shoulder consultation;
9. Tiger Woods, knee consultation;
10. Derek Jeter, shoulder consultation;
11. Vince Carter, knee exam;
12. Donovan McNabb, knee surgery;
13. Shaquille O'Neal, shoulder consultation;
14. Emmitt Smith, shoulder surgery;
15. Jim Rice, elbow tendon surgery;
16. Jeremy Roenick, knee consultation;
17. Charles Barkley, shoulder surgery;
18. Roger Clemens, shoulder surgery;
19. Gary Sheffield, shoulder surgery;
20. David Wells, Tommy John;
21. Jorge Posada, shoulder surgery;
22. Mike Schmidt, shoulder surgery;
23. Alexandra Stevenson, shoulder surgery;
24. Jack Morris, shoulder consultation;
25. Reggie Bush, knee consultation;
26. Chris Carpenter, elbow surgery;
27. Kerry Wood, Tommy John;
28. Michael Irvin, shoulder surgery;
29. Matt Morris, Tommy John;
30. Andy Pettitte, elbow tendon surgery;
31. Alex Smith, shoulder consultation;
32. Steve Carlton, shoulder surgery;
33. Jonathan Papelbon, biomechanics program;
34. Jack Nicklaus, knee surgery;
35. Cecil Fielder, shoulder surgery;
36. Tim Raines, shoulder surgery;
37. Andre Dawson, knee surgery;
38. Chris Webber, knee surgery;
39. Bruce Smith, knee surgery;
40. Chad Pennington, shoulder surgery;
41. Matt Hasselbeck, shoulder surgery;
42. Allen Iverson, elbow surgery;
43. Joey Porter, knee surgery;
44. Tim Hudson, biomechanics lab;
45. Bo Jackson, shoulder surgery, hip replacement;
46. Mariano Rivera, consultation;
47. David Cone, shoulder surgery;
48. Matt Leinart, broken-collarbone consultation;
49. Albert Pujols, elbow consultation;
50. Drew Brees, shoulder surgery;
51. Daunte Culpepper, knee surgery;
52. Peyton Manning, knee surgery;
53. Eli Manning, shoulder consultation;
54. Brady Quinn, knee consultation;
55. George Brett, knee surgery;
56. Gary Carter, knee surgery;
57. Jim Thome, elbow tendon surgery;
58. Marvin Harrison, knee surgery;
59. Bill Elliott, leg surgery;
60. Hulk Hogan, knee surgery;
61. Troy Aikman, elbow and shoulder surgeries;
62. Josh Beckett, annual exam

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