SimCity became the turning point for the serious games genre when it was first published in 1989.

In this SimCity Detroit example, players were given a budget and the autonomy to build and maintain their own virtual cities. Urban planning can be based on the experiences learned in this otherworld.

The Hilton Garden Inns uses Ultimate Team Play, designed by Virtual Heroes, Inc., in its training program for desk staff. It's like SIMS meets hospitality management.

Ultimate Team Play places Hilton Garden Inns employees in settings where they're faced with making decisions about how best to serve the customer. These simulations aren't just created for the front desk staff's use, they're implemented across all the service professions within the establishment.

America’s Army is another serious game that was developed by the U.S. Army to recruit new soldiers. Created by soldiers, developed by gamers, and tested by heroes, the game is based on the real-life experiences of soldiers.

America’s Army mimics real weapons used by soldiers and takes players deep into the ranks for training and missions. Now available for play on the Xbox 360, the game offers players the opportunity to show off teamwork and leadership skills -- and to win prizes from the U.S. Army for excellence.

Cold Stone Creamery commissioned Persuasive Games to create a front line employee training game called "Stone City," where players are trained on the relationship between portion sizes and profitability.

Persuasive Games created a sophisticated ice cream simulation for "Stone City" which included a viscosity model for accurate scooping. In essence, the different flavors are apportioned in accordance with their actual physical properties. Player performance affects customer service, speed of service, accuracy of portion sizes, and correct recipe recognition -- all reflected in their overall score.

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These Video Games Ain't for Kids

SimCity became the turning point for the serious games genre when it was first published in 1989.

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