Cleaning Products Safe to Breathe Around

In reference to green cleaning products; I came across these today.

Good things to ask about when inquiring information about products are:

  • are there recycled materials used in the making of the product?
  • is the product recyclable?
  • do they recycle the waste made while making the product?
  • how far did the product need to travel to get to your house? (fuel used to transport it)
  • does it contain VOCs?
  • does the company have any commitment to sustainability? (donate $ for research, education, keep products within some green standards, etc.)

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  • JoeAnne JoeAnne

    Yes this are indeed really important questions and we should all ask them when we are planing to buy any kind of green products or something like this. Even if we are buying cheap cigars we need to ask what they have been made of? why are them so cheap? and similar things like this one.