iPhone 3G and Marketing the Obvious

In her blog, Do We Really Need to be iReady?, Darla Mack discusses the marketing push for the new iPhone being released on Friday. I agree with her that the marketing approach seems a little silly. People really don't need to be told how to shop. But I would go further and add that this somewhat-viral marketing is unnecessary.

Like all of Steve Jobs' keynotes, the iPhone 3G announcement received a fair amount of media coverage. Furthermore, word of mouth about the upgraded gadget was strong — we geeks like to talk about our obsessions. Are witty marketing moves like "iReady?" that effective? I would think some new print and television commercials to remind the public that the release date has finally come would be enough.

Apple and its music gadgets have become a part of the fabric of popular culture. It is omnipresent. You don't need to hit us over the head with the obvious. And just in case you didn't already know: The Dark Knight will be released next week, the Olympics start in August, and the sun is bright.

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