Olympics are right around the corner – August 08, 2008. You can almost feel multinational companies vying to be in the mainstream ad revenue. Olympic Games are to the world what Super Bowl is to United States. With NBC streaming live content in the United States, Madison Avenue advertising executives are sitting at the edge of their seats, trying to create last minute campaigns. Or are they? 

Do we really care if our ads are run across the globe or are we content that $304 million people here in the United States will probably watch our advertisements?


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    It will be interesting. The advertising model is so different this year. During the Olympic Trials on NBC, they repeatedly referred viewers to their online video site. In some cases, there was 1 hour of TV coverage followed by 5 hours of online coverage. That's where the big advertising dollars will be spent. Plus, with Tivo and DVR's ... who watches TV commercials anymore?

    And yes, I think a lot of these companies are thinking globally, especially the big players like Nike, GE, McDonald's, etc. China, India, etc are huge markets for these companies and they'll spent $100 Millions to capture the audience.