The Challenge Of Spreading A New Idea

1. Success: Cloverfield
Breakthrough: Blockbuster event movie shot in digital video
Message: Godzilla meets Blair Witch
Upshot: The film has grossed about $168 million worldwide on a $25 million budget.

2. Jury's Out: Chumby
Breakthrough: Alarm clock that's customizable with Internet content
Message: Wake up to your Internet life
Upshot: Are Web widgets a cool-enough twist to justify $180 for an alarm clock?

3. Success: Nintendo Wii
Breakthrough: Interactive games played with a motion-sensor-detection controller
Message: Social gaming for the family
Upshot: The Wii is a cultural phenom because it's rooted in video-game traditions but adds the irresistible hook of actual physical activity.

4. Jury's Out: Borders Concept Stores
Breakthrough: A retail environment that guides Luddites into the digital age
Message: Books plus a helping hand into MP3s, digital photo albums, etc.
Upshot: Borders hasn't nailed why its new stores should be destination-worthy.

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  • alice yoo

    I concur with the other two. Borders?!

    I'm trying to approach, I've developed a social network site called My Modern Metropolis - a place to share modern day experiences. Like MySpace or Facebook but centered around sharing ideas or recommendations - art, hotels, restaurants, music...

    Right now it's private at but my blog is public at

  • Jay Tatum

    You guys have too much time on your hands! I have to say that when you are right, you're right, and I think you have something here. While Borders may have been premature and progressive 13 years ago, they may have had a lot more time to re-think and re-tool their products and service lines to meet the present demand. It may be fruitful to think out loud and consider nothing ventured, nothing gained! What happens when "they" get it right?

  • Taylor Trask

    Borders Concept Stores are a waste of time and money. This very idea was tested in 1995 and it failed then just like it will fail now. It's a sure sign the executive team has no idea what the marketplace is or what consumer behavior really dictates.