In a Virtual World the cost of gas is irrelevant

I have to say that lately, myself and my staff are loving that we all work from home.  We have nearly two dozen people who freelance for our company and they do some from the confines of their own residence.  As I was watching the news this morning, I see that companies are starting to talk about possible four day work weeks to combat the high price of gas. Typically four 10 hour days that would replace the standard five 8 hour days. As I was watching that, I felt suddenly blessed. With the flattening of the world, has come the ability to run a business virtually.  We work from three time zones, make our own schedules and no one has to spend a dime on gas to get to their job.  Lucky indeed as we watch those around us really getting hit hard by these current times. Can you work from home? Consider the opportunity.  You might find it easier than you think.

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  • Corey Blake

    I love both of these comments. Thanks for posting. There is no doubt that much around our company is being affected by the price of oil/gas. I do recognize though that my staff are feeling blessed that they're pocketbooks are not being impacted the way so many around them are, and even though they are passively being affected, the emotional response is different.

    And I agree that isolation is an issue as well. When we first started our company, we were very email heavy. We still are, but most of us are on conference calls with our clients and each other for three to six hours everyday. I have definitely found over the last year that the phone time is incredibly beneficial. It cannot replace the in person communication, but it absolutely makes a difference and leaves me feeling connected.

  • Mathieu Ayel

    Unfortunately although the cost of gas may become less important in a virtual world, the price of oil still very much is. The vast majority of products around you, and especially so for computers, are oil-based products. Beyond that oil prices govern prices of other commodities too...
    So the advent of the virtual world may only affect one aspect of our dependence on oil.

  • Business Pundit

    It's lucky, indeed. The only issue I find myself battling is isolation. After all, the Internet only makes a good conversation partner about 20% of the time. But the extra effort needed to fulfill social needs is so incredibly worth it.

    I think that eventually, most companies will go virtual, and working offsite will be standard rather than unusual. Cheers to that!