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Samsung Releases 1080p Projector

Announced nearly a year ago, Samsung's [SEO: 005930] fancy SP-A800B DLP projector will finally be available in the United States this summer. The bulbous black device will feature 1080p picture and a native contrast ratio of 10,000:1, as well as a 95% aperture ratio, 16-microsecond response time, and 1,920x1080 resolution. It's also reportedly super-quiet, and comes with a spiffy two-year warranty. No word on MSRP from Samsung just yet, but all specs and rumors point to a ten thousand dollar ballpark.

It bears noting that the Samsung won't be one of the first 1080p projectors on the market, and it's hardly a value proposition at nearly three times the price of competing device's like Epson's Power Lite Home Cinema 1080. What distinguish the Samsung are its ultra-quick response time, stylish enclosure and 25db hum; most projectors make upwards of 33db of noise while operating. 

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