Advertising Inside Jokes

Sovereign Bank has a new television ad out that stars Jerry Remy – the Red Sox analyst on NESN.

I didn’t get this ad at first, even though I know who Jerry Remy is. I read further on down the story and found out the significance of Remy playing air guitar. Apparently before a game with Detroit Remy was playing air guitar up in the media booth, lost his balance and fell. It was captured on camera.

Had I not checked out the YouTube video that linked to I would have thought the ad was stupid. Even now I think it’s sort of weak. Which makes me wonder how many people that see the ad will know why Jerry Remy is playing the air guitar.

Is having an inside joke a good advertising strategy?

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  • Tyler Adams

    It seems like having an ad that is in inside joke would only be advantageous if viewers know that it is an inside joke, even if they don't immediately get what the joke is. In this case, the ad may have the potential to go viral if the joke is intriguing enough for viewers to try and figure it out, such as you did by finding a video on YouTube.