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Blogs = Box Office or Nielsen Ratings Gold!

The television series Secret Diary of a Call Girl debuts on Showtime tonight. The show's subject is readily apparent. The background of the show needs explanation: It's a British series that first aired there in September. It is based upon a real blog named Belle de Jour: diary of a London call girl. The author turned her blog into a series of books and those have been adapted into a television show.

This reminds me of the recent Hollywood success of stripper/blogger/writer Diablo Cody who won the Oscar for her screenplay of the film Juno. It seems the entertainment industry has found a new place to mine for ideas — they already are pumping novels, comics, amusement park rides, board games, old television shows and even old films for material. So what is to come? A film adaptation of TechCrunch? Maybe Joystiq the miniseries? Perhaps The Guide to Business with Earthlings will find its way on to the Sci-Fi Channel.

I am glad that blogs and blogging has become a normal part of our culture. And it is great that bloggers get treated as writers and journalists. But the idea of turning a blog into filmed entertainment leaves a sour taste in my mouth. But, I guess it was inevitable that someone would license some of the more sensational content for other media. Will the intimacy of blogging come across well in a television show? We shall see.

And Producers? You can message me here on with any offers.

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