Foxconn Debuts Tiny Projector

At Computex this week, Foxconn [TPE: 2354] showed off a fancy little pico projector that is nary bigger than a carton of cigarettes. It's called the PD-W1001, and while it's not 1080p by any stretch, it does deliver a serviceable 854x480 resolution and 25Lm. It's powered by a 0.3-inch Texas Instruments DLP chip, which delivers its image in WVGA, and keeps the form factor down to a scant 65 grams. The utility of a small, but ultimately low-res, projector is limited at present, but as a proof of concept, Foxconn's PD-W1001 is an impressive feat that bodes well for the portability of fullly-equipped projectors in the future.

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